More than anything, God wants to heal you

More than anything, God wants to heal you

Let’s face it, we are the walking wounded.

We all carry scars from the wounds of our past. But the most painful, are the ones we inflict on ourselves.  It’s the wound of not being good enough.

No matter how hard we try, our efforts always fail us. Never measuring up to be the person we so desperately long to be, our wound soon turns to the scar of disgrace.

But what if your wounds could be healed and your scars turned to beauty marks?

That’s what God wants to do for you. By loving you and accepting you FOR WHO YOU ARE.

That's our God. He is the Great Physician. The healer of souls who makes us whole again. 

How is this possible?

It’s called the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ. That God sent His Son, Jesus, into the world to accept the punishment that was rightfully yours and mine. And it through his wounds, that we are healed.

In this incredible, unfathomable act of love, He is saying:

"You, MY weary one ... come to Me and find rest."

"You, who feels worthless ... come to Me and be treasured.”

"You, who says, 'I'm not good enough' ... you are perfect in my sight.”

That's the God we want you to know.

You see, City Church isn’t a museum for saints, it’s a hospital for sinners. Where the wounded and scared are healed by the grace and mercy of God through Jesus Christ.  Friend, because of Jesus, you ARE good enough.  Just as you are. No matter what. This is grace. This is what City Church is all about.

Come find joy in the healing. We can't wait to meet you!

Sunday Gatherings – Service Time 10:00 AM

City Church of Homestead
City Church of Homestead
City Church of Homestead

Every Sunday morning we gather together to celebrate the Father’s love through Jesus Christ. No matter where you are in life, spiritually-skeptical, curious about Christianity, or a committed follower of Jesus, our Sunday gatherings point us to what we all need - the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

Food and Fellowship

(9:30 AM-9:55 AM)

As you read the Gospels you’ll find Jesus having dinner with many of the people that he meets. Why is that? Because there is no better way to get to know people than to sit down and enjoy a meal with them. This is as true today as it was in Jesus' day. That’s why food is an important part of our Sunday gatherings here at City Church. Our volunteers serve a delicious breakfast every Sunday so we can fellowship together while enjoying great food. Please join us! Breakfast is free and served from 9:30am - 9:50am in the galleria.

Dress Code?

Actually there is none! Casual South Florida attire seems to be the norm here at City Church - from shorts to blue jeans, Hawaiian shirts to blue blazers, flip-flops to heels - please feel free to dress in what makes you most comfortable.

Our Band

We are blessed to have a fantastic group of professional musicians who perform incredible music each and every Sunday. At City Church, we play a variety of popular music from our culture, as well as Christian music.  The band is led by our gifted Director of Music, Pat Seymour. We think their talent will blow you away! 

City Church of Homestead

What about the offering?

Financial support is received from members who are committed to City Church’s vision. Giving is between you and God; those who wish to give simply drop their financial gift into a receptacle during or after the service, or give on line via Paypal, or via their phones on our Planning Center Giving App for Android or IOS devices.

City Church of Homestead

Directions to City Church

47 NW 16th Street,
Homestead, FL 33030
Ph: (305) 247-9326

City Church of Homestead

Information Table

When you arrive at City Church, you will see an Information Table in the lobby. Please stop by before or after the service to get more information on the church and current events taking place.